Eric le Blan
Senior Managing Director

Eric le Blan is Senior Managing Director of TECHNE and a member of the Board of Directors of TECHNE, LLC. He is the current Acting Chief Executive Officer of MerchantBridge Group, a private equity and direct investment group with major investment activities in Europe, the Middle East and Iraq, and offices in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Iraq. Mr. le Blan has exceptional experience in corporate and project finance, investment management, private equity and capital markets gained over 34 years in the investment banking industry.

Mr. le Blan started his career at Warburgs, a British merchant bank (now part of UBS), providing government advisory services to several countries, including Costa Rica, Indonesia, Ireland, Russia and most of the countries in Central Africa. Mr le Blan became a recognized specialist in government debt audit, management and rescheduling. Mr. le Blan created the first software to manage government debt which was used by several countries around the world in the mid 1980’s. As a result, Mr le Blan was also asked to create one of the first swap and options trading desk in Europe, which he led for over 6 years. Mr. le Blan participated in the creation of credit and regulatory structures, in co-ordination with various regulators, to implement this new market.

Mr. le Blan then joined Saudi International Bank, a London-based investment bank majority owned by the central bank of Saudi Arabia (“SAMA”), heading all derivative trading, which he cumulated with the role of Head of Risk Management Services, providing highly-tailored risk hedging structures for Middle-Eastern clients. Mr. le Blan was invited by SAMA to contribute to the development and implementation of its capital markets, resulting in the creation of an independent stock exchange and regulator. Mr. le Blan also participated in several corporate and project finance transactions, as well as advising on the development of debt instruments for the Middle East.

Having started his own company at the turn of this century, providing financial information and equity trading support for 16 markets across the Middle East and North Africa, Mr. le Blan was asked to join in the creation of MerchantBridge in 2002. As a partner, Mr. le Blan led real estate transactions in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, the creation and operation of an investment bank in Saudi Arabia, later sold to UBS, the creation and management of a US$50 million construction materials fund for Iraq, the rehabilitation of a cement factory in Iraq, in joint venture with Lafarge, as well as several advisory assignments to telecommunications agencies and governments in the Middle East.

Mr le Blan is currently Chairman and lead investor of unXis, Inc., an American-based Unix™-based software company for enterprises, a Director of UBS Saudi Arabia, as well as the executive director of all the investment companies of the MerchantBridge Group. Mr. le Blan is also a member of the Saudi British Joint Business Committee.