Sheik Nabil Ghattas
Principal and Senior Managing Director

Sheik Nabil Ghattas is Principal and Senior Managing Director of TECHNE. He has over 45 years of management experience in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia. Sheik Nabil is a President of Nabil Ghattas EST and Resorts EST in Jeddah. In additional to general management experience he has extensive experience in the development of large real estate projects in Saudi Arabia including the waterfront Jeddah Marina, the Jeddah Equestrian Club, and the Park Hyatt Hotel in Jeddah. Previously Sheik Nabil was the President and CEO of Express Trading Company in Jeddah with branch offices in London and Paris. At Express Trading, Sheik Nabil represented several large multination companies in Saudi Arabia including: John Deere, Hyster, Parker, Blaw, and Rolls Royce.

Shiek Nabil was the former manager of Collins Construction Company of Texas USA’s Saudi Arabian operations. He also worked with CAT Co. in Dubai.
Sheik Nabil has a degree from the University of Law and Economic Sciences in Lille, France qualified in International Commerce and Finance.
Sheik Nabil will use his extensive working knowledge of real estate development in the region and his extensive contacts in Western Jeddah region of the Kingdom to expand TECHNE’ business opportunities in Saudi Arabia.