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A mix of housing types that will meet the life-style needs and financial capacity of young Saudi professional and technical families, emphasizing single-family villas of moderate size to meet large unmet demands in the region.

Unique learning institutions linked to U.S. and International operators, including a Technical College and K-12 International Baccalaureate (IB) school, to provide education targeted to career opportunities that will enable Saudi graduates to enter and prosper in the Kingdom's expanding job market.

Innovative health care facilities and services, including a 400-bed community teaching hospital associated with U.S. health care providers and expertise in systems and services to meet community and regional needs and to encourage a healthy life-style and wellness philosophy for residents of the development.

Quality services, including shopping, mosques, community services and exemplary recreation opportunities to supplement work and family activities and to serve as neighborhood centers. Additionally, subject to future demand, a limited amount of mixed-use development, including office, housing, and retail uses, may be included in high-value locations.